Mohamed El Meligui

Mohamed El Meligui was a soccer fan in E.G.C., just like Magdy El Rayyes, and Yasin Mansour.His physique helped with this, being tall and well built.He worked in McDonalds franchise in Egypt, when they started opening branches there. Later, he moved to the  USA, working in McDonalds in New York, and then in California.Recently, he works in Bank of America in the Los Angeles suburb of San Bernadrino.See how Mohamed looked in 1968



my name is Rola,i was with

my name is Rola,i was with you at the time dunno if u still remember me or not i was a boarder.. are you in contact with people from our year? wish you all the best.


i remember you very much rola as almost you were fighting with mrs wadida if you remember that, can you also remeber omayma my sister from libya