Magdy Sabry Tawfik El Guendy (1961-2004)

Magdy was my classmate in E.G.C. from kindergarten to grade 9 (3rd preparatory), then in El Nassereya for High School, then in University at the College of Pharmacy. He was the only one who was with me for the entire span of 17 years of education.Magdy came from a relatively wealthy Christian Coptic family. They own the Sabry pharmacy in Rushdy, Alexandria, as well as several other ventures over the years, including such factories as Handy Tissue and Paper, and others. As a youngster, Magdy was fiesty, and sometimes hyperactive. I remember he once got into trouble in the first year of high school because he punched someone who pushed him while going up the stairs to class. He used to drive hard too. One time, I was with him in a red Volkswagen Golf he had while in university, and he went to the other lane (between Sidi Gaber and Mostafa Kamel) where a bus was coming directly at us. He accelerated so hard and we made it to safetly. After graduating from pharmacy, Magdy went on to work in contracting and construction. He was married to the younger sister of another classmate of ours, Pakinam Toma.The last time I saw Magdy was when I visited him at the pharmacy in summer of 2000. We had the Fayroz flavored malt drink and chatted a bit. Mady died tragically in a pickle vat in a factory his family owned. I do not know the details, but it seemed some workers fell in and he jumped to help, and drowned. See how Magdy looked like in 1966 and 1968