In Your Own Words: Visitor Feedback on EGC pages

People send me a lot of feedback on the EGC pages.Here are some selected messages.

I'm an ex-EGC graduated in the year 1989,after 4 years in Faculty of Commerce i worked as an English teacher in EGC in junior one.Ofcourse EGC now is completely different [becoming worse], i worked there for 5 years[from 94to 99]I'm realy proud of being educated there but now i can't choose it for my daughters,i realy feel sorry for my school because as you know they used to teach us loyalty before anything. At the end i just want to thank you ,you are realy doing a great job.

Another message:

I attended EGC from Kindergaten all the way to grade 9, I was there the last year ANN Khalafalla was head mistress, and I ushered in Annam El-Defrawi. My fears all came from Mrs. Shaheera Maher, was I scared of her.My last year was 1988 (I think), I will have to go back and confirm. I have had some great memories at EGC.

And yet another:

I love this site. But what happened to the class pictures? I was ableto see only 2 class pictures. Do you have anymore? I have mine andwould love to share them with you. I attended EGC from 1973 to 1983.This site just brought back so many lovely memories. The garden, thepool, the basket ball court, saluting of the flag in the morning,,my ohmy so much.I need to read everything on this site. I just found it bymistake and I am sharing it with my friends.Thank you



I am an ex E.G.C. student

I am an ex E.G.C. student from 1964 to the year 1975.

I visited school last summer , it has changed very much: the tennis courts are no more there, the boarding house is shut dowm, there are so many new building that took so much ground from the big garden.

We use to call the E.G.C. the English Gorilla Club and the Victoria College the Vacuum Cleaners, they were great times.

Thanks for your website that brought back those wonderful memories.

Any one has recent photos

I am an ex E.G.C. Graduated 1990. I Left after to VICTORIA in the secondary school. I wished to see all the photos of all other classes to check my friends but i didn't find, and i wish to see recent photo for my lovely school if any one has.

There is a website

There is a website AAHA.

It has photos of every bit of Alexandria including schools. Including the EGC.

Happy viewing

It's great to remember the E.G.C

I am an ex E.G.C student , I guess I had never enjoyed any other school like the E.G.C. and miss all my friends whom I have lost touch with most.
I am now an Architect and a director of my owm company in London.
I miss the good days of the E.G.C , so if any one have class photos it will be great to see them again, I beleive I left the E.G.C 1979
so if any own remember me Ashraf el Gowhary please get in touch
my e-mail

asking ashraf abiut his brother hatem

hi ashraf, i'm haytham a.aziz from libya. i was there in the e.g.c until the year 1976 with my close friend hatem (your brother). i remember that you were living in el asafra. please and kindly ashraf send me any information about your brother hatem as soon as possible, because since this year i have no information about, thank you very much

From the class of Egyptian immigrant in the USA

With tears of delight i begin my reaction to this website . I graduated from the EGC in 1997 . The head girl of our class was my colleague in the faculty of arts-english literature dep.- Jaidaa Gwad hamada . I was surprised to find no listings by any of my colleagues on the site !! Like all graduates , i think that my class was the best and most eclectic . I remeber the tender voice of MRS. Enam EL Dafrawi when she choked on her angry words in the rare times i heard her admonish us for any unacceptable behaviour . I was one of the few lucky girls who completed 13 years in the EGC , from kg1 till the terrifying sanaweya AMMA !! NOW i live in the USA and today is one of the days in which i dig back for my roots .. I cannot list all the remarkable people i want to say hello to but i will try to list some of the special girls i remember who r now probably young mothers :) i say hello to (Marwa el sharawee -Eiman Nada - JAidaa gawad _Noran karem _Marwa el dakroory _sally el AKary_eiman adel-hossam abu el fettouh(our only boy in class) -rania haraz-yosr abd el azeem - asmaa-yasmeen el sahwee - mai shola -...) oh please forgive me if i forgot any one ..
to my teachers i cannot give u enough thanks ..but i want to give special thanks to all my english teachers , english being the only lesson in which i was all ears . TO mrs yowanna ,,who taught me A TALE OF TWO CITIES ,,i want to tell her that u made me decide to study ENglish literature as a career , on the day sydney carton was hanged !! I am so excited right now ..but i am glad i found a place on the internet to remind me of the good old days !! please if any girls has a picture of the 1997 class please post it . I left all the good pictures in EGypt , but i have kept all the good memories

i say hello to all those special people who shared the seminal 13 years of my life i spent in that great establishment . GOd bless you all
thank you monsieur khoory ,,,from the tallest girl in the class of 1997 AMIRA EL GHAMRY


I have found this link about the E.G.C photo for the whole school in 1942
Ashraf el Gowhary

I am very proud of being

I am very proud of being E.G.C graduate. I graduated the year 1999. I spent the most wonderful time of my life attending this school. Everything was organised. self-descipline and respect for the older individuals was the (trade mark) of our small community. I am now a pharmacist, a good wife and a mother of a four months baby girl. I wish I can make her a good student and a good example of a young citizen like what we learnt in our school. I am very proud of being an ex-E.G.C student and I will always be.


My name also Amiera Ghamry, I live in Malang Indonesia may you give me your detail informations,is very interesting to know more about you thank you.

I'm proud to be an EGCian

I'm proud to be an Ex-E.G.C. I graduated in 2001. I can't express how I feel towards my school, all I can say I spent the most wonderful years of my life there. I owe my beloved school for everything I'm now. I'm grateful I've been one of your students.
My beloved school I want to know that you'll remain in the hearts of all your graduates and students
3 cheers for the E.G.C hip hip hurray