E.G.C. Your feedback and comments

It is satisfying to see that people who stumble on this page are nostalgic about their days in E.G.C.

  • One person I met recently on an Iftar dinner gathering recognizedmy name when were introduced. He said he had searched on E.G.C on thenet and remembers my name. He jokingly said he followed my footstepsfrom E.G.C. to Canada! What a coincidence.
  • Many visitors were glad that someone had the passion to write about our school, and said they have many memories of the school.

Were you a graduate of E.G.C? Do you have any thoughts about this page or the school in general? Please contact me and may publish your comments on our page.



it is not what you think

I would just want to feedback about EGC today.

What you have said that the girls are now immpolite or wearing makeup and so on.

I'm an EGC student and I know what you are talking about can only be in senoir department and not all of the girls ofcourse. In addition to that we are taken out of the line even if the socks have a red spot or a black dot or because of the hair ribbon.

What i want to say that the school is making her best or even more concerning the appearance of the girls and thier uniform.

Finally thanks for ur wonderful website

i left EGC in 1993 after

i left EGC in 1993 after i3dadia and moved to USA, i just visited Egypt for the first time since in September 06, i went to EGC, and it was nothing like it used to be...all the young girls are Mohagabat, even that young, and the school was nothing like how it was back in the day...it looks like anyone can join now :( What happened to EGYPT?


Tarek Mohamed Salah


are you tarek salah????
do u know tarek and hesham the brothers .. dina shawky..
i dont know if u gonna remember me..

I fall short for words for

I fall short for words for expressing how grateful I am; firstly, for my friend Amira El Ghamry, who acquainted me with this webpage and whose phone call greatly consoled me at a time when I am in desperate need of my friends' support( my dad has just passed away--suddenly and unexpectedly); secondly, for Khalid, whose website has made my more nostalgic than ever before for those bygone times at the E.G.C when one was happy , serene and carefree. My name is Jaidaa Gawad Hamada. It is to my great honour that I was the headgirl of the E.G.C(1997). My feelings towards my school just can't be put in words;suffice to say that the very mention of its name brings tears of reminiscences in my eyes.The odour of the school; the creakings of its doors and windows; the noise of our hurrying footsteps on the stairs and in the school corridors;the odour of the polished (and essentially gliding)theatre floor;the ringing of the schoolbell----all these recollections are still vibrant in my mind!!Oh!if one could turn the hands of time! Amira's mentioning of A Tale of Two Cities and the hanging of Sydney Carton makes me chuckle; for I am teaching this very part these days to my students at the Faculty of Arts. Forgot to mention that after 13years of blissful schoolyears, I joined the Faculty of Arts, English Dep.( that was my target ever since i had learnt to read and write).Having been the head of my class for four years, I was finally appointed there in the year 2002. I am now an Asisstant Lecturer and I obtained my MA degree in May 2006 in Literary Criticism. To my great delight, my students are mostly E.G.C graduates, though I sometimes feel sorry for the degeneration that has befallen their English language. Well, I feel like writing and writing.. i am overwhelmed with an avalanche of reminiscenes!!! God bless you all.My special thanks once more go to Amira.. Amira you are a gem.
My friend and sis Sara Hagazi( who was also the headgirl) wlll be thrilled to learn about this website.

there's no place like home

how are you jaidaa,hoping you are fine now
1st my condolence for your deceased father
2nd i know that u might not recognise my name but i know that u may know me by the face..
i was graduated from the EGC on 1999 that means that we are not from the same year but let me tell you how i knew you..
i used to be the choir solo for a long time that gave me the chance to see you somehow close
but you were the first one who touch student's hearts when we saw your tears on the speech day when it was your last time to introduce it some of us cried because we touched the real sense of truth of how someone will get out of our home to another life and till now your present is still in the school a nice one that evryone if they didn't know you they'll ask who made it and why
let me tell u there's no place like home , i forgot to tell you that i'm graduated from faculty of law english department, but i used to miss my old life too there in that school.
all my life and memories was there i can't remember any other place but there, the smell of the flowers around the swimming pool,the brown furniture , the brown floor, the small garden behind the buses garage, the time when you close your eyes when it's windy and the sound of the trees you felt it while closing your eyes..i remember everything sometimes i felt that i wasn't graduated at all i used to go there whenever i felt sadness maybe they have to make for us gathering one day..
no one forgot you maybe we are not from the same year but i knew you
there's no place like home

I am very happy that I came

I am very happy that I came across this site. I graduated from Victory College in 1994, from the EGC in 1997, and from the Faculty of Pharmacy Alexandria University in 2002.I would very much like to get in touch with my old friends. My deepest condolences to you Jaidaa, you were the head girl when i was there. the fountain you have presented the school with is unforgettable:)

Thank you

Thank you Jaidaa for your beautiful words . I hope we remain friends forever !!!!


Well i dont know how to start, i cant find the words but i really want to add a comment here & thank MR.BAHEYELDIN for creating such a great site...i read everyone's comments & remembered my nice days back at school..i graduated in the year 2001 & i feel that it was just yesterday,i agree with everyone who says that E.G.C is not like before,even when i was still at school it wasnt this E.G.C my parents & grand parents talked to me about,i wished that i've lived in those times when it was classy & the education specially the english was better than my days,as really most of the girls graduated with me or after even before me they dont know how to pronounce,write or even construct a full sentence & even the spelling is unbelievable..my wish is that school gets better & teachers become more firm...& girls get good education & behavior so that by the time i have kids inshallah i'd be proud to show this my school & even i apply to them there..i dont want the day to come that i'd really be ashamed of my school...i want to show off wz my school, when i tell anyone "usually foriegners" that queen sophia graduated from my school,they get fascinated...i remember jaida gawad hamada but just by name..i was so young wn i attended the graduation day when she graduated & heard her speech & thought she was such a sweet heart...i wrote alot i know but last but not least i would like to thank khaled alot for such a great website..

yara torky

great site

I like to thank khaled for this site
I enjoy reading about EGC and reading the comments of old colleagues
this site was meant for looking for old colleagues from EGC but through it I found an old colleague from ARABSOFT,Alexandria
I may be wrong but I think the wife of khaled is my colleague at work computer engineer Waffa Abd el Maksoud
if I am right please give her my e-mail address and I would be happy if I receive an e-mail from her

i made this video about

i made this video about E.G.C.

I graduated 1996 and i really can't express how i'm affected by this school .. check it out