Article about Mrs. Ann Khalafallah, famous E.G.C. headmistress

Ann Khalafallah was the headmistress of E.G.C. from 1959 to 1982.

This is an article about her by her daughter, Nawal and her son, Kamal, in the Alex Med publication of the Library of Alexandria, .

Read it at issue 24, Feb-Apr 2009, pages 14 to 16.



to my great headmistress Ann khalafalah

i was in the school in the 70's .i was under miss wadeda and miss vera care .the bording school was the best. and i spent the best days there.mrs Ann always invited us to her place and we played in her garden and ate banans from the trees .i loved her so much god bless her sole .
iam now a surgeon with two kids. i will always remember her
and i hope my kids will remember me when the time comes.
lots of love to her family.