Hazem Ashraf Sakr

Hazem was my classmate for 9 years at E.G.C. We were in the same class in our last year before leaving that school. We always bickered and fought for various reasons.Hazem's father was the dealer for Texas Instruments computers, and had a data center in Glym. Hazem pursued a degree in Computers at Alexandria University.He now works for the World Health Organization (WHO), East Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) as a Technical Assistant for Health Information and Communication.You can visit his web site which focuses on the ex-Royal Family of Egypt, which is somehow tied to Hazem, as well as some stuff of Golf, Cigars and Travel. Hazem is also interested in his own genealogy.Attempt to contact Hazem have all failed, including sending him emails, and asking relatives to pass on messages to him.See a picture of Hazem in 1968



Keep dreaming

I think this is not realistic to ask for this.

The ex-Royal Family were not angels and had as much corruption as the current regime in Egypt. This is why the people (foolishly) supported the military coupe in 1952 hoping that things would be better. You know that it was not better.

So be careful what you wish for, because you may actually get it.
Khalid Baheyeldin