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How to gain experience in Drupal development and contribute: patchnewbie


Thanks to Angela Byron, there is now an easy way to learn and contribute to Drupal.

If one checks the Drupal issues assigned to patchnewbie, they will get a list of relatively simple issues that need patches. This is suitable if one wants to cut your teeth in Drupal, but daunted by the magnitude of changes required by complex issues.

If you know someone who wants to contribute but was shy, or daunted, go ahead and pass that info to them. Or even go and try it yourself.

Bits and Bots: Lullabots and 2bits at Drupal Users Group Toronto


On Thursday, there was a Drupal Users Group monthly meeting in Toronto. All the Lullabots were there, except for Robert Douglass (marooned in Germany), along with 2bits.

This photo shows the bits and bots together.

Left to right: The bots: add1sun (Addison Berry), Eaton (Jeff Eaton), webchick (Angela Byron), quicksketch (Nate Haug), walkah (James Walker), Matt Westgate, Liza Kindred, jjeff (Jeff Robbins), the bits: kbahey (Khalid Baheyeldin), wafaa (Wafaa Bass).

New role: Drupal security team responses


It seems that at DrupalCon Barcelona, there was a sinster plan to make me one of two external contacts for the security team, the other victim being Chris Johnson.

Heine contacted me about this, and I said yes, mainly because I do that anyway, trying to keep a neutral tone to replies to misguided souls. The new role formalizes this.

Later on IRC, I get this from Heine:

12:44 * Heine bows for kbahey; the interpreter of the novice's words, and the oracle of gently advice.

12:45 < kbahey> heine, [blush]

Presenting at Ontario Linux Fest 2007 on Drupal performance tuning and optimization


If you love Open Source, and happen to be close by, Ontario Linux Fest is being held on October 13, 2007.

Hurry up and register before Wednesday to pay a lower fee than at the door.

I will be presenting on Performance tuning and optimization for large web sites, using Drupal as a popular LAMP application. According to the schedule, this is on 15:30 in Hall C.

Contribute to Dries Buytaert baby: Axl


Earlier, a contribution pool was put up for Axl Buytaert, Dries and Karlijn's first boy.

Today, Axl is one month old! Happy first month Axl.

The contribution pool is about to close soon, so those .

Please show that you care by donating any amount you wish in US Dollars or Euro, using Paypal or credit card.
Also, promote this ChipIn widget on your web site(s), Digg, or any other means.

Help document Drupal and Open Source around the world: Support Noel Hidalgo


Drupaller Noel Hidalgo is traveling the world in seven months, on a budget of $7,777.

The purpose of the trip is documenting Drupal, Open Source, free cultures, social innovators, and global change, as well as many other aspects of his experience.

Check the web site, aptly named Luck of Seven.

Noel met Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert, In Antwerp, and interviewed him.


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