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Drupal.org: 150,000 nodes, 150,000 users and counting


From the meaningless numbers are fun ... Druplicon likes to congratulate user mightymod@ubuntu.schmidtke-hb.de for posting the 150,000th node on Drupal.org! Five days ago, user ineffable from Canada got to be user 150,000. Congratulations to both of you, your Drupal addiction kit is in the mail...

The cure to headaches: Put head in microwave


Reluctantly, I had to miss OSCMS 2007 because of a silly illness. So, I am slowly catching up with some presentations that I would have loved to attend ...(Yes, 2 months later, I know ...)So, one presentation is Moshe Weitzman's Drupal: a retrospective. An lo and behold in it is Steven Wittens' famous: "please, don’t hesitate to stick your head in a microwave oven, and grill until satisfied" ...

Drupal Camp Toronto 07 wrap up


Here are some notes on Drupal Camp Toronto 2007, held on 11 and 12 May.


The event was held at the Bahen Centre at the University of Toronto downtown campus. The rooms booked were the right size and accommodated all the attendees.


Although 152 people registered, I am not sure if they all attended. I noticed that Angela Byron (from Montreal) and Boris Mann (Vancouver) did not attend.

People from as far away as Cleveland Ohio, New York/New Jersey and even Chicago.


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