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Drupal siteseeing: Sir John A Macdonald Secondary School


From the "siteseeing" department.By sheer coincidence, I found today that the web site for the secondary school that two of my daughters go to is running Drupal.Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School's site has that tiny Druplicon for a favicon that gave away what was used to build it. The school publishes results on their web site and send the parent an email notification. Each student has a code name for privacy reasons, so the exact student cannot be identified publically. This seems to be an integration with Markbook. It was when I was checking the marks that I noticed that Druplicon, and got intrigued.

Google Summer of Code T-Shirt for 2006


Drupal participated for the second year in the Google Summer of Code. This is a way for open source projects to earn some cash, to get new participants, as well as get some code done. This year, Drupal decided that two mentors will be assigned per student, while Google would only recognize one mentor as the official mentor. According the these rules, I was not supposed to get a T-shirt since Owen Barton was the official mentor for Wolfgang Ziegler.Well, as a pleasant surprise, a FedEx package turned up with a T-shirt in it. Totally unexpected. This year the T-shirt is black with orange and yellow.

Drupal site on shared hosting survives Digg front page, with analysis


In an article titled the digg effect analyed, an owner of a Drupal site on shared hosting explains what happened when he had a poll up on Digg's front page. Amazingly, without caching or throttling, the site kept going with no problems.A list of modules active on the site are mentioned, including the adsense module, and a few others.

Yet another Drupal Site: NetworkWorld uses Drupal for its community/blog


The NetworkWorld community web site has converted from Movable Type to Drupal.Their feedback page uses the feedback module, and their sitemap page uses the sitemenu module, both of which I have written. Thanks to Bert Boerland for posting about this, and yes, there is no excuse for a large site disabling clean URLs.

Ninjas are scarce, let's try for Samurai


Job ads are sometimes made in a humorous tone to attract "cool" candidates.Here are two recent examples from Advomatic, a Drupal shop.

What happens if the samurais and ninjas are at each other's throats with swords and stuff continuing their everlasting feud?Cool wording ... 


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