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Ubuntu Feisty Fawn release, and ubuntu.com site is barren


As I noted before, Ubuntu.com is now running Drupal.Today, Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn has been released, and the number of visitors to the site must have skyrocketed. Either the site went into throttle mode, and hence no blocks are visible, or Canonical have replaced the front page with a plain HTML page.

Drupal 6: Proposal for a watchdog hook for logging and alerts



Drupal has a module called watchdog that logs all messages to a database table. The module is currently mandatory, and hence writing to the table cannot be easily removed without hacking core. This can be a problem on sites with heavy traffic where the database is loaded with more logging unecessarily.

ChangeEverything.ca bloggers help homeless in winter storm


A while back, I wrote about ChangeEverything.ca, which aims to rally together people who want to change themselves, their community and the world.

The site uses Drupal 4.7, and some custom modules that I wrote for the good folks at SocialSignal. Two modules, favorite nodes, and SpreadFireFox affiliates, got released to the community.Now, the site has shown that it can be a good force for change in practice, not just people writing blogs.

100,000 nodes on Drupal.org!


Congratulations Gurpartap Singh: you posted node #100,000 on Drupal.org dated November 27, 2006 13:14 (Central European Time).Dries' second law states that "with every version of Drupal, the number of nodes on drupal.org doubles. Post #50,000 was on February 18, 2006, before 4.7 was released (May 1, 2006). Version 5.0 is not out yet (Hi Karoly!).So, when will we reach 200,000? 


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