On Drupal's Most active developers

While viewing CVS messages on Drupal's web site, I noticed that my name is up there.This is the first time I noticed my name being on the list. I am not sure if this means "badge of honor" or "addiction and obsession".



I don't think Khalid will

I don't think Khalid will use the beer in a timely fashion. I propose everyone ELSE drink one in his honour!

Sorry pal but i think in

Sorry pal but i think in real live it's the second. From my and other drupal addicts it's certainly the first a Big badge of honor ;)

What it actually means ...

Out of curiosity, I went in to the cvslog module to see what this means. Turns out that the important part is this:$interval = 7 * 24 * 60 * 60;$length = 15;$result = db_query_range("SELECT COUNT(m.cid) AS count, m.uid, u.name FROM {cvs_messages} m INNER JOIN {users} u ON m.uid = u.uid AND m.uid != 0 AND m.created > %d GROUP BY m.uid ORDER BY count DESC", time() - $interval, 0, $length);So, in summary it checks the last 7 days, counts the number of cvs commits for the users, and sorts them highest to lowest, and gets the highest 15 users. As usual, this is a "point in time" event. So, it does not reflect older activity, and is quantitative in nature. -- Khalid Baheyeldin