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Dries Buytaert's new baby: Show you care!


Dries and Karlijn recently celebrated their first baby's six year birthday.

But, they are expecting their second baby, which is more special is many ways.

There is debate on whether the new baby will be named Druplicon Jr. or Druplette ...

The community would love to show Dries how much they care about him, and hence a collection pool has been setup.

Support the move to PHP5


The bulk of web hosts are still on PHP4, despite PHP5 being out for years. PHP5, and specially PHP5.2, offers a lot of features that make developing in PHP far better than being held back with PHP4's feature set.

So, a bunch of activists in the Drupal community started talking to other PHP based applications to say enough is enough, and push for more adoption of PHP 5.2 by web hosts and projects alike.

Go ahead and Digg the story, and click the banner below for more information.

Support GoPHP5.org

Help Drupal core developer, Karoly Negyesi (chx) get a dream laptop


chx is Karoly Negyesi, who brings us the new rewritten menu system in Drupal 6.

Everyone knows that chx cannot be distracted.

Maybe if we chip in and he gets his dream Toshiba R500 laptop, he will be distracted after all. This is because the screen is a tiny 12.1".

Last time I used that size was mid 1990s.

Yes, it is true: Java can run Drupal faster!


There has always been a running joke in the Drupal community that Dries is secretly working on a Java port of Drupal, using an SVN repository. While it makes for a good occasional laugh, there is some truth to that.

Now, Drupal on Caucho has been benchmarked and found to be 3.5 to 4 X faster than Apache and PHP.

Drupal siting: Hwacha.net


A Slashdot article on a Ruby Gems book review led me to a random site that turned out to be Drupal 4.7. The site is hwacha.net. What is a hwacha? It is a Korean rocket launcher from the 15th century. The site is the blog of a female Korean software developer, with interest in Korean heritage, linguistics, history, and perhaps a dash of rivalry with Japan.


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