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Two very promising modules: Messaging and Notifications


Two recent modules by Jose Reyero seem to be a very promising development for Drupal.

They are Messaging and Notifications

For example, the new hook_watchdog() can definitely benefit from these modules, using them as a mechanism for delivering critical alerts for example.

Another example, is using this as a message queing facility a la IBM MQS. 

Drupal Association Election results


If you were not aware of it, there was a Drupal Association election today, and the results are out.

To simplify things, and provide some background, the Drupal Association is the non-profit body that is equivalent to a Foundation in other open source projects. It is composed of so called "Permanent Members (PM)", who as a whole are known as the General Assembly (GA). The GA elects Board Members (BM) among them to form the Board of Directors of Drupal.

Drupal siteseeing: From Australia: G Magazine and Cosmos Magazine


Two Drupal sites from Australia:

by the same publishing company, Luna Media

  • G Magazine is a Green lifestyle print magazine and a web site to go with it.
  • Cosmos Magazine Is a magazine about science, and a web site to go with it. 

They are both published by the same company, Luna Media.

Károly Négyesi (chx) is a national hero in Hungary


Within the Drupal community, our beloved chx (Károly Négyesi), who cannot be distracted, is recognized as the Drupal core developer with the most code via patches.

What is not known, is that Károly is also a national hero in his native Hungary. During my summer visit to Budapest, I saw an amazing number of signs in his recognition: There are streets named after him, and even parks!

Drupal headquarters discovered in Toronto


We all thought that Drupal's headquarters will be in Belgium, its birth place.

However, it was discovered that this is not the case, and that the headquarters of Drupal are in snowy Toronto, They are at 215 Spadina Ave in downtown Toronto, suite 400.

Here is the photo:

Oh, and note how Drupal is right up there with "Dreams" ... So true ...

Google donates $10,000 to Drupal for Summer of Code 2007


Google has donated $10,000 USD to the Drupal project as part of Summer of Code for 2007. Students who participated got a total of $90,000.

As a mentor for the 3rd year, I got a T-Shirt. Just like the previous two years, it arrived just in time when snow is starting to fall in Southern Ontario.

For the second year in a row, the T-Shirts are black. In 2005, it was dark navy blue.

Here is the front of the T-shirt.

And here is the back. Looks like a face from a Sci-Fi movie (Tron?)


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