Drupal Association Election results

If you were not aware of it, there was a Drupal Association election today, and the results are out.

To simplify things, and provide some background, the Drupal Association is the non-profit body that is equivalent to a Foundation in other open source projects. It is composed of so called "Permanent Members (PM)", who as a whole are known as the General Assembly (GA). The GA elects Board Members (BM) among them to form the Board of Directors of Drupal.

All the BMs have a one year term, with the exception being the president, secretary and the treasurer who have two year terms.

So far, the Drupal Association was as follows:

Board Members:

  • Dries Buytaert (Dries), President
  • Dries Knapen (DriesK), Treasurer
  • Angela Byron (webchick), Secretary
  • Boris Mann (bmann/borismann), Marketing and Communications Coordinator
  • Gerhard Killesreiter (killes), Infrastructure Manager
  • Kieran Lal (amazon), Fundraiser
  • Moshe Weitzman, Technical Project Manager
  • Zack Rosen (zacker), Fundraiser

General Assembly:

  • Bert Boerland
  • Earl Miles (merlinofchaos)
  • James Walker (walkah)
  • Neil Drumm (drumm)
  • Robert Douglass (rDouglass)
  • Steven Peck (sepeck)

Applications for permanent members and board members were submitted. You can see all the applications if you want. The election process is outlined here.

Today, January 15, 2007, new members were elected, they are, in order of when their application was submitted. Each member should get 2/3 votes from existing members.

  • Jeff Eaton (eaton)
  • Jacob Redding (jredding)
  • Greg Knaddison (greggles)
  • David Norman (deekayen)
  • Addison Berry (add1sun)
  • Larry Garfield (Crell)
  • Nedjo Rogers (nedjo)
  • Khalid Baheyeldin (kbahey)
  • Narayan Newton (nnewton)
  • Laura Scott
  • Michael E. Meyers

From the above, 7 people applied for being Board Members, they are:

  • Jeff Eaton
  • Jacob Redding
  • Gerhard Killesreiter
  • Angela Byron
  • bert boerland
  • Larry Garfield
  • Kieran Lal

All of them were elected to the board by a 2/3 vote.

Remember that Dries Buytaert (President), and Dries Knappen (Treasurer) are for two year terms, and hence they were not up for reelection. Angela was so far acting as secretary, because Steven Wittens resigned earlier from the position of secretary.

The Drupal Association Staff page has been updated to reflect the current permanent members and board members for 2008.

You can read more background about the Drupal Association, from before the elections and in plain English, on Ear Miles site. You can also read the internal statutes and regulations of the association. 


The official announcement is out.