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Why is the Wireless internet at DrupalCon DC unreliable?


The "curse of the DrupalCon" continues ...

Which one? The fact that wireless is always an issue, perhaps at least in the North American DrupalCons of late.

At Boston, we had severe issues. Narayan Newton and David Strauss re-wired the conference to use the presenters' connection. That helped a bit, but if I remember correctly there was another issue after that (bandwidth, fake DDoS detection or something).

Now in Washington DC, the internet is still unreliable. Why you ask?

Here is why: The DHCP lease for the IP is very short: less than 5 minutes!

Look at this:

Humor within Drupal: crickets ...


Humor within the Drupal community never ceases to amaze me.

Today, while the Durpal Association was having a Board Meeting in IRC this nugget was in the discussion

[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> ANY LAST QUESTIONS?
[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> 60 seconds
[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> 50 seconds
[2009-02-12 13:45] * J hears crickets
[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> 30 seconds
[2009-02-12 13:45] * L steps on one of the crickets.
[2009-02-12 13:46] * M chirps

Made me chuckle ...

Act TODAY: Drupal Association Elections: application deadline is February 10


Are you passionate about Drupal?

Would you like to volunteer for the Drupal Association?

Do you have skills that can help promote Drupal in new frontiers? Help organize events locally, regionally and globally?

If you answer yes to all the above, then the association is holding its second annual elections shortly. The deadline for applications is one day away. Applications are due by end of day tomorrow (February 10, 2009).

Dries turns 30 today!


Ever wondered why the weird date used for HTTP headers in Drupal? Specifically, did you ever check the Expires: header in Drupal?

You may have stumbled on it while inspecting header data using wget or FireFox tamper data. Or you were simply browsing Drupal's source code in bootstrap.inc, and saw this?

header("Expires: Sun, 19 Nov 1978 05:00:00 GMT");

Well, that magical date is today, and it is Dries' birthday. So he turns 30 years old today!

Rate of contributions accelerating: what the commit messages say ...


Three data points:

Commit #50,000: Jan, 4, 2007.

Commit #100,000: Feb 9, 2008.

Commit #150,000: Oct 30, 2008.

Took 13 months and one week for the second 50,000 commits, but only 8 months and 3 weeks for the third 50,000.

So, the rate of code contributions is accelerating.

Drupal, kittens and other extinct felines ...


So, for those who follow code commits, you may have seen this already. For others, here are some fresh commits from Dries ...

First, we have this:

Patch #310212 by justinrandell, catch, et all: killed  in _user hook, as well as two small kittens.

It should have said "killed $op in _user hook". Poor kittens ...

Then we have this:

Patch #310212 by justinrandell: killed  in _node hook, as well as twelve sable tooth tigers.


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