Humor within Drupal: crickets ...

Humor within the Drupal community never ceases to amaze me.

Today, while the Durpal Association was having a Board Meeting in IRC this nugget was in the discussion

[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> ANY LAST QUESTIONS?
[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> 60 seconds
[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> 50 seconds
[2009-02-12 13:45] * J hears crickets
[2009-02-12 13:45] <J> 30 seconds
[2009-02-12 13:45] * L steps on one of the crickets.
[2009-02-12 13:46] * M chirps

Made me chuckle ...

(Names obfuscated to single letters to protect the crickets and their assailants).



Almost as funny as...

Almost as funny as a certain Drupaler whose name starts with q posting 180 lines of simpletest code into #drupal (accidentally, of course) and drewish firing up CafePress to make a shirt about it.

Got a link?

That is awesome! Got a link to that T-Shirt.