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Drupal.org: 300,000 issue followups and counting ...


From the meaningless numbers department, drupal.org got its 300,000th issue followup a few days ago.

Nedjo Rogers takes the prize.

No obvious way to know how long it took to reach 100,000, 200,000 and then 300,000. However, it is easy to get from the database, if someone has access and time.

Thanks to: Derek Wright (dww) on the development mailing list.

Noel Hidalgo's interview with Dries Buytaert


Drupaller Noel Hidalgo is traveling the world in seven months and documenting Open Source, Drupal, freedom, and many other aspects of his experience in his Luck of Seven web site.

In Antwerp, he met with Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert, and interviewed him.

The interview is now up on the Luck of Seven web site.

Warning for those on a slow link: this is 132MB.

Baby Axl Buytaert is born ...


So, Dries has a new baby, named Axl. Karlijn did a great job, and Dries' dad was the gynaecologist doing the delivery!

Not only did Dries reneg on his promise earlier to name him Druplicon 2.0, but he also dropped a vowel! I have it on good authority (A Flemish linguist) that Dries misspelled the name when registering the baby for the birth certificate, dropping the vowel E.

Hint: this is not the first time he did that!

Power spike destroys Stefan Nagtegaal's (Steef) iMac


Stefan Nagtegaal (IRC: Steef) is an long time member of the Drupal community. He is the co-designer for the Garland and Minelli themes, the default theme for Drupal since 5.0.

Stefan had an unfortunate event, whereby a power spike killed his iMac.

If you can spare a few dollars/Euros to help him out, please do so at this Chip In.


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