Baby Axl Buytaert is born ...

So, Dries has a new baby, named Axl. Karlijn did a great job, and Dries' dad was the gynaecologist doing the delivery!

Not only did Dries reneg on his promise earlier to name him Druplicon 2.0, but he also dropped a vowel! I have it on good authority (A Flemish linguist) that Dries misspelled the name when registering the baby for the birth certificate, dropping the vowel E.

Hint: this is not the first time he did that!

I did offer Dries a cute girl with curly hair for free! No diapers, no potty training! Ready to go! But no, we are open source developers and the Not Invented Here (NIH) mentality took over, Dries and Karlijn just had to do it themselves!

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