Ubuntu using Drupal "distro" for local communities (LoCo)

Here is yet another example of Drupal being used as the basis of a custom "distro".

Ubuntu now has UbuntuDrupal which is used for the LoCo's (Local Communities).

Its original aim is to make Drupal easier to setup (which they describe as "painful") and run for these communities. They say that it has grown to be a "general development suite".

Here is where the code is on Launchpad. The numbering of the releases is confusing, since 6.2.0 does not correspond to a released Drupal version.



numbering system

I saw this recently and was disappointed by the numbering system. Do you have contacts in the community to get them to change the numbering? I think 6.CORE-LoCo-2.0 would be a better system. So, right now with Drupal 6.10 as the latest version it would be 6.10-LoCo-2.0.