Help Drupal core developer, Karoly Negyesi (chx) get a dream laptop

chx is Karoly Negyesi, who brings us the new rewritten menu system in Drupal 6.

Everyone knows that chx cannot be distracted.

Maybe if we chip in and he gets his dream Toshiba R500 laptop, he will be distracted after all. This is because the screen is a tiny 12.1".

Last time I used that size was mid 1990s.



Not so tiny

Some FAPI was written on a 10 inch Toshiba P3410CT while in 'Van in 2006 Feb. Significant portions of the menu system was born on a Dell X1 which has a 12" screen. I am pretty comfy with that size.

At the end, it is Panasonic

At the end, it is Panasonic Y5 with a 14.1" which I simply nicknamed Tank, see for more.