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pingVision gets Richard Orris and Gregg Knaddison


Richard Orris and Gregg Knaddison have joined pingVision. Both are very capable and active developers in the community. pingVision is expanding fast and is becoming another Lullabot.It deserves to be listed on the dynamics within the Drupal community: where developers are going? page. Congratulations all ...

Random Drupal sites on the web


As expected, Drupal sites are popping up all over the place.Here are a few random Drupal sites that I ran into while surfing the net for non-Drupal related stuff.

  • Scripps News is a Drupal site that is part of other E. W. Scripps sites, including HGTV, Fine Living, Food Network and others. It aggregates news from other sites. Plain looking but clean theme.
  • AllEmpires.com is a community about history. The forums are not Drupal, but the rest of the site is.

Busy? Information overload? Drupal Digest launched


If you suffer from information overload in the Drupal Universe, take a look at Drupal Digest.This is a human edited RSS feed for the Drupal mailing lists. The best posts are added in there, so you only need to point your RSS reader to the feed and you are up to date on what is happening. Volunteers are needed for the themes, consulting, translations and infrastructure lists. Thanks to Moshe Weitzman for this site. Also uses the new comment RSS module.

Interesting byproducts from the user node Summer of Code project


When looking for a flower, don't miss the bird ...

Not an old wisdom or proverb, but something I just made up ...

In exploration, nature, science and even business, one must be ready for pleasant surprises.

Countless times in history, a scientist would be looking for something in their experiments, only to stumble across something completely different. The same is true in in exploration (Columbus was seeking Asia),

Similar surprises can happen in software too.

Wolfgang Ziegler (fago) is one of Google Summer of Code students for 2006, whom I am co-mentoring with Owen Barton.

Dynamics Within Drupal: Where Developers Are Going?


As the Drupal project and the community around it keep growing, interesting dynamics develop, and are interesting to watch ...

After the Vancouver DrupalCON in February 2006, there were new entrants in the fray, I wrote about the community being in crossroads.

Today, I am writing about further consolidation within the consulting arm of the community.

Just to make it clear, I am just writing observations and opinion, and I am not exposing any information that is not already public. I am not privy to any such information, so I cannot be divulging anything that I don't have in the first place.

How Scalable Are PHP Web Applications?


Java developers and enthusiasts often keep repeating how Java is scalable, and look down on how PHP is just 'scripting' that does not scale.Well, we know we have a few big sites running Drupal, which of course uses the LAMP stack. Sites like The Onion, NowPublic, OurMedia, SavannahNow and others I forgot about.But, outside of Drupal, there are really larger sites that use PHP and MySQL.Here are some of them:

There is also a somewhat dated article on the PHP scalability myth.

Egyptian-Cuisine-Recipes.com Launches Today


For years, the Egyptian Cuisine section on the Baheyeldin web site has been one of the most visited parts of the site. Visitors were asking for recipes and not just background information and history.So, today, we launched the Egyptian Cuisine Recipes just as visitors requested, with more than 70 recipes ready for you to try.Of course, the site is running Drupal, the best content managment system and framework, with many modules we have developed, such as feedback, adsense, sitemenu and a custom port to 4.7 of the recipe module.


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