Drupal socks (with pictures)

At Drupal Camp Toronto 07, I saw Emma Hogbin knitting Drupal socks for James Walker.Emma with the socks in progress. Closeup of the socks.



I can't wait

She's been supposedly working on them for almost a year now and it was the first time I'd seen them. I can't believe how well they're turning out :)

expect me to be running around in druplicon socks at drupal events in the future :)

Knitted Socks

Thanks for your words of encouragement! I have to admit that I love them too!

I have a feeling that DrupalCampToronto '08 will have a session on "how to knit yer own pair of Drupal socks." I will indeed be releasing the pattern as an open source pattern (with chart if you want to put the logo onto something else... like mittens or a hat). And I'm also beginning to realise that I could be offering hand knit socks as a bounty the next time I need help... (Although walkah's told me that he wants me to cease production as soon as his socks are done.)