Can the Nokia N810 run Drupal?

The Nokia N810 is due to come out on October 23 (next Tuesday). It runs a variant of Linux Debian. It was even made to work in Arabic by M Sameer.

I guess all that is needed is to have PHP, SQLite and Apache (or Lighttpd) on it, then it can run Drupal, and perhaps be the smallest platform that can run Drupal (with a display). Or will the iPhone beat the Nokia N810 to that honor?



I am on it

I will get one. With a 400MHz CPU and quite some amount of RAM I am eyeing mysql-server. It's available in Debian ARM.

has anyone seen this work?

I am very interested in designing on the road, I am into documenting natural history. Has anyone seen this work? I am not very knowledgeable of these things, but have geeks around me who could help if this undertaking were possible. Please respond if you have seen this work :)