Dina, the belly dancer

I heard that Dina, the Egyptian belly dancer, has also attended the E.G.C.



that is a famous rumor but i

that is a famous rumor but i can tell that u that is is not true that dina attended the EGC

I asked her personally and

I asked her personally and she said no she is graduated another school in Alexandria.

I was !!!

I Was in E.G.C it is nice and good school but i didn`t like it because the girls was so enoying.

I am so Glad

I am so Glad to access your web site, it is really great, my name is Mai Abdelhalim, i am X EGC, graduated in 1993, i want to say that i love this school soooooo much, it was the best period in my life till now, whenever i remeber those days i feel so happy, i attended EGC in 1979 (KG1) till 1993 (S3).

i love my school

i wa so glad to be x-e.g.c. but i dont know why now it is not having the greathearing like in the past...i hope this will change soon