Queen Sophia of Spain

Queen Sophia of Spain, daughter of the Greek King Paul attended the E.G.C. She later married the future Spanish monarch, King Juan Carlos.



i really think that this

i really think that this school is fantastic and espeacillay the best thing about is not that famous people where in it , but mostly because it has been there for such along time and my 2 sister inlaws where in it , you're school is great,it has roomers saying that its the best school ever, i wish i could go to that school, but i live in abudhabi ,i myself would vote for this school (E.G.C) as the best school on earth! hope for the school onehundred years more!

No, it is not just the best

No, it is not just the best school ever and on the planet....it is the best school on all the other planets as well......there is a rumor that it is the best school also on Pluto and the moon too....as the schools on the moon are not as good as the EGC. Are you guys nuts or what. I hope you are like 6 years old only otherwise you sound pretty stupid.