Yassin Mansour

Yassin Mansour is head of the Mansour group and and Mansour and Maghrabi Investment Company, among others. His group owns several large businesses including automotive (Chevrolet), fast food (McDonalds), banking (Credit Agricole), and others.Yassin and myself were in the same grade and classmates in 2nd preparatory. 



Technical injury

I own an Opel corsa car model 2003, NO. 376692 i uesd to have the service for my car at yassin opel (located in el abour city) last time i went to them after they moved to the place of Hamdy Lada to have my car fixed from a very small crash in the back, and i also asked to make usual check up for 25,000 Km.
and here wt happened:
1-الاكسدام الخلفى was not right fit in.
2- lights of الاكسدام الخلفى was not working.
3- the car was driven for 49 Km during the time of fixing.
4- the car from inside was completely miserable.
5- الشكمان بيخبط فى سوستة العربية
6- they change aircondition filter and benzene filter and البوجيهات without even asking me.
7- the voice of the engine is very LOUD
the car consume extra Benzene ..... it makes now about 140 Km/20 Liters of benzene ONLY ........ ! ! !
So, after all of that i would like to see some action done against this careless and to be sure that such careless will not happen again so you can keep on the good reputation of OPEL.
I hope that i have receive a replying e-mail from you soon.
Dated at 6/8/2003 9:33 am

ha ha i agree!

ha ha i agree!