Impressed: the Italian doctor who speaks and reads Arabic!

Over the past few weeks, I reconnected with people I have not seen in many decades from EGC. I had a chat with Patrizia Amante (Grand Kayman), Karim Abdel Hadi (Alexandria), Gianpiero Gelato (Italy), Samar Mamoun (Germany), Nayera Mokhless (Kuwait), Zeinab (Yeldez) Murad (Alexandria), and Mohamed Tawfik Elgayar (New York).

This is the part that impressed me when I was chatting with Gianpiero:

Khalid: Do you still speak Arabic, or forgot it?

Gianpiero: Sometimes I speak Arabic with some patients in the hospital we have a lot of young immigrants, especially from Morocco and Algeria, rarely from Egypt most Egyptians live in bigger cities like Rome and Milan

My Arabic is very mekassar but anyways these guys are very astonished when I talk to them in the language of the Arabic films, they say...

Khalid: Morocco and Algeria have an accent that is hard for me to understand. I can imagine the shock!

Gianpiero: For me too but shwaya shwaya ...

Gianpiero: The last Egyptian I talked to was from Tanta ... Egyptians are haga tanya anyway..

Khalid: Can you read, or did you never learn the alphabet? I think they used to exempt non-Egyptians. Remember Fazal and Rajindra? I remember they went outside to the garden in Arabic lessons.

Gianpiero: Ya ragel you forgot I finished the sanaweya aama ...

Khalid: my goodness!طيب خلينا نشوف عندك كام سنة؟

Gianpiero: Andi tamanya u arbaeen sana u khamas ashur OK?

Khalid: ya walad. I am impressed! This makes my day. I should post this chat to facebook! I just turned 49 a few days ago

Gianpiero: Post it so that old classmates can see it...ya agooz