The best Drupal joke ever ...

I ran into a humorous page on Facebook on Abdel Karim Mardini that his ex-colleagues at Open Craft setup as a practical joke. It is so funny, I can't convey the full meaning of all the Arabic jokes, but the gist of it is that it portrays Abdel Karim as a reformer, spiritual leader, ...etc.

Here is a Drupal gem:

تلخيص الدروبال ثيم، لتخليص آكلي البرسيم

This uses the rhyming common for medieval and pre-modern Islamic book titles, and literally translated it says: "The summarization of Drupal theme, to save the clover eaters". Clover eaters is meant to allude to cattle, or rather people who behave/think like cattle.

The title borrows from a real book called تخليص الإبريز في تلخيص باريز by Rifa'a Rafi' Al-Tahtawi in the 19th century, which is a description of Paris in the eyes of an Egyptian. The exact title means "The purification of Gold in summarizing Paris". It is translated to French as L'Or de Paris.



Check this out too

Also checkout the page we created for our friend (and our former OpenCraft CEO) Rady Fahmy.

I think it's our masterpiece :)

Great sense of humor ...

You guys have a great sense of humor ... Good Egyptians مصريين أصلاء ...