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The Mythical Man Month: Dilbert style


The Dilbert cartoon strip has a very funny, yet telling one today.

Pointy Haired Bossess (PHBs) often treat number of sheep in a herd like number of programmers on a team. So, for a project that requires 300 man days, the PHB hires 300 people to finish the project in one day!

Hint: See The Mythical Man Month for more details. 

Also see it in the archives.


Baby Axl Buytaert is born ...


So, Dries has a new baby, named Axl. Karlijn did a great job, and Dries' dad was the gynaecologist doing the delivery!

Not only did Dries reneg on his promise earlier to name him Druplicon 2.0, but he also dropped a vowel! I have it on good authority (A Flemish linguist) that Dries misspelled the name when registering the baby for the birth certificate, dropping the vowel E.

Hint: this is not the first time he did that!

Help Drupal core developer, Karoly Negyesi (chx) get a dream laptop


chx is Karoly Negyesi, who brings us the new rewritten menu system in Drupal 6.

Everyone knows that chx cannot be distracted.

Maybe if we chip in and he gets his dream Toshiba R500 laptop, he will be distracted after all. This is because the screen is a tiny 12.1".

Last time I used that size was mid 1990s.

The cure to headaches: Put head in microwave


Reluctantly, I had to miss OSCMS 2007 because of a silly illness. So, I am slowly catching up with some presentations that I would have loved to attend ...(Yes, 2 months later, I know ...)So, one presentation is Moshe Weitzman's Drupal: a retrospective. An lo and behold in it is Steven Wittens' famous: "please, don’t hesitate to stick your head in a microwave oven, and grill until satisfied" ...


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