G.W. Bush's library burns down

US President Bush's library burned down yesterday.

Both of his books were destroyed.

The real tragedy is he has not finish coloring them!



Typical Arab rug merchant

Well, we now know that this Egyptian mummy can't construct an intelligent joke. I notice that George Bush graduated from Yale and was a very successful
businessman and President, while the lying camel driver that runs this website
tells very large lies. Notice, everyone, that this Arab is now blaming the US because Arab terrorists are murdering Iraqi Arabs with the assistence of other Iraqi Arabs. This lying little coward won't admit that Arabs are scum.
He blames the US for setting the Arab bastards free.
Personally, I don't think an American soldier is worth 100,000 fucking Arab cowardly bastards. Arabs use bombs against women and children - you Arab fuckers are cowardly little nothings.

How bigoted

Your racist bigoted tirade does not even warrant a reply, but for the rest of the visitors, not this:

This joke was said by Gore Vidal (an American) on TV about Ronald Regan (an American president).

As for the deaths in Iraq, go read the statistics by Western poll agencies, not any "Arab" sources.
Khalid Baheyeldin

I apologize for bringing this

I apologize for bringing this up but I really need to get it off my chest.

For one, Egyptians are not Arabs, even though we speak Arabic that does not make us Arabs; if anything, the closest race to Egyptians are Hebrews which are now known as Israelis and I believe Egypt has proven that after ten thousand years it's still there while all the other countries have fallen and new ones came up. If you think that the war in Iraq was because of "Terrorism" then, you my very dear are very mistaken.

Now, as for insulting Arabs I would have to say...please, check your bank account and check any Arab rug merchant's bank account. He has at least six zeroes more than you. Now, Mr. Khalid's website contains a lot of humor which is, to our very Egyptian race, funny.

The biggest dream George Bush had was to get humans along with...fish. Fish. I repeat, FISH.

Thanks. Apologies for the three years it took me to discover this website.