Windows Problems

Microsoft Windows is not a stable nor a secure Operating System.


If you want a quick test, then click here to crash Windows!


Several incidents have demonstrated that Microsoft products in general are notbuilt with security in mind. I think that the best explanation for this stemsfrom the single-user/single-computer mentality that MS-DOS started with. Thispropagated to Windows 3.x and then Windows 9x.

Regardless of what the cause is, this leaves us with a system where any programcan copy, alter or delete any file on the hard drive! This sounds normalto inexperienced users, but those who came from proper Multi-user OperatingSystem background can envision the horror that this actually is!

Here are hard evidence of this:

  • This article on Slashdot has links and extensive discussion on how Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.x Java Script bug reveals cookies to any malicious site. What this means is that malicious sites can read critical info stored in cookies left by other sites you visit. Example of such information include: user name, password, e-mail address, ...etc.
  • Melissa and ILOVEYOU Viruses demonstrate how insecure Windows is. Any random program from the internet can copy, delete or alter any file on your hard drive, or even send critical data (your password, your accounting information, sensitive documents) to anyone over the internet.
  • Microsoft admits that UNIX is better than Windows when it comes to being immune to viruses. Visit this page at Microsoft Web site to check this fact yourself!