Seraphim Proudleduck Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Contest

Several search engine optimization (SEO) contests have been done recently. The contest is fairly simple: they select an uncommon phrase that contains some nonesense word. Whichever site shows up on top after the contest period is over, is the winner.I first learned about that with the phrase Nigritude Ultramarine. The amount of web sites that have this phrase shows how this contest is taken seriously by SEO companies, as well as geeks and bloggers.The strategies vary: some use blogs, some spam all wikis they can find, ...etc.Now a new phrase is in the contest: Seraphim Proudleduck! The word seraphim is a real word and not an invented. It is originally Hebrew, and means a certain type of angels. Proudleduck is a made up word it seems. Now, let us see how high on the Google list this page will end up.