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Saudi Arabia is where I lived and worked for over a decade

Sea Anemones and Clown fish


There are so many intriguing things in the Red Sea, such as symbiotic or commensal relations between two unrelated species.

One such relation that I was able to capture on film, is the sea anemones and the clown fish.

The anemones are animals from the same broad family as the corals, except that they have no calcified skeletons. All their body is formed of soft tissue. There is a base that fastens them to the substrate (dead coral or rocks), and then tentacles surrounding the mouth. The tentacles have sting cells in them, similar to those of the many other marine invertebrates, such as coral and jellyfish. If a small fish approaches, it is stung, and can become dinner for the anemone.

Snorkeling the Red Sea near Jeddah


I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to enjoy exploring the underwater marvels of the Red Sea regularly in the 1990s when I lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.The Red Sea is best described as an underwater tropical forest. This is in stark contrast with the sterile desert bordering its shores.The following pages describe what marvels one can be seen in the Red Sea. The underwater pictures were taken with a cheap single use camera, and therefore the quality is not really great. There is no real alternative though, because underwater cameras are very expensive.

Cranes migration over Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Cranes in migration is a sight to behold.I recall seeing cranes in Istanbul Turkey in the early 1990s, circling and calling over the city. Also, in Jeddah, I saw cranesseveral times, where it is a stop on their route from Eurasia to Africa. Jeddah must be a conspicuous marker on the Red Sea coast, and among the Hijaz mountain range, and the deserts around it. They are seen over the al-Andalus district (Palestine Road), and the Old Airportarea. I have a video tape of them somewhere.

Residential Compounds in Jeddah


In Jeddah, you can live in apartments, or you can live in residential compounds(also called complexes, or sometimes: "camps"). Compounds offer a better life style, since there are often recreational facilities (swimming pool, tennis court, playground, shopping bus, school bus, ...etc.)Here is a list of some compounds in Jeddah, some are upmarket executivestyle, and some geared to professionals.

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Red Sea Treasures


The Red Sea is considered as a separate eco-system, being only connected at its southern end to the Indian ocean (that is until recently, a little over a century, when the Mediterranean Sea was connected to it by the Suez Canal.

This isolation, has caused the Red Sea to be unspoilt over the eons. Its corals are still in good shape compared to other regions of the world where human activities take their toll on the environment.


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