Saudi Arabia's ISPs - What they say about this site...

Many readers of this site have expressed their kind thanks and appreciation of the information in these pages. It is this very kind of encouragement that keeps me working on this site on my spare time. So thanks go to all the people who have sent me these nice e-mails. Moreover, the articles on this site have been quoted in a research paper by Samia Satti titled: The Impact of ICT on Economic Development in the Arab World: A Comparative Study of Egypt and the Gulf Countries, published on the Economic Research Forum web site.Here are some examples (names have been withheld intentionally, due to privacy and SPAM issues):

  1. "My company (IBM Saudi Arabia) is greatful to thank you of publishing such a useful and informative publication on the Internet." -- Vice President at IBM Saudi Arabia.
  2. "I really appreciate you effort of gathering information about ISPs in Saudi Arabia. You have the best site he talk about the current status of Internet and ISPs in the Area." -- General Manager of a Saudi ISP.
  3. "We had the pleasure of visiting ... site ... about the ISPs operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We appreciate the effort took by yourselves to acquaint the general public about the subject" -- Marketing Manager at a Saudi ISP.
  4. "I went through the this page and liked the comprehensivness of information in it" -- A Saudi ISP employee.
  5. "I found your web site extremely helpful" -- Manager of a Dubai Internet company.
  6. "I must appreciate your perseverance and resourcefulness on gathering all the contents that went into making this page perhaps the most complete analysis of the Internet for any, the US apart. Your page has indeed helped me in many ways for the information that I have been seeking. Once again, a big thanks and keep up the good work. The Internet needs more people like you." -- An Internet Research Consultant in Mumbai, India.
  7. "Thank you for the prompt acknowledgement of my compliments to you. You truly deserve them." -- An Internet Research Consultant in Mumbai, India.
  8. "I want to express my gratitude to you for offering the pages about the Arab ISP on the net. These will be very useful for me and my friends." -- An European expat Medical Doctor living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  9. " ... your site, which was the exact answer to my question. You have put a major effort to this and therefore I felt that I owe you a thank." -- An European expat Medical Doctor living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  10. "My colleagues often ask me which ISP I recommend. I have answered that I have experience only of (ISP Name deleted). From now on I can guide them to your site." -- An European expat Medical Doctor living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  11. "Again, thank you for adding our (ISP Name deleted) Internet to your ISP comparison page." -- Technical Manager at a Saudi Arabia ISP.
  12. "(Your web site) kept me wondering how come (you) know so much about Internet in Saudi Arabia while neither ISU (KACST) nor STC try to give any useful information about the ISP contacts as if they do not gain a lot of money from those ISPs, but even some the ISPs themselves failed to include contacts in there web sites. Your page was the only one I was able to get with all these info ..." -- A Networking consultant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  13. "Your site is a great resource. I am getting many inquiries about ISPs in Saudi Arabia, now I can point people to your site. ... Good work and thanks." -- A California, USA based Management/Business Consulting firm, specializing in the Middle East.
  14. "Still ploughing through the data on your page on Comparison of ISPs - very useful - thanks! ... Thanks again for a good article" -- An expat Internet user in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  15. "Thanks very much for a very interesting and informative site on the ISPs in Saudi Arabia. Why don't you open an ISP here (in Saudi Arabia) - you seem to have great ideas and a very good business sense!" -- An expat Internet user in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.
  16. "I saw your marvelous page, and I am sure that all people who vist this page will (get) a lot of information about the ISP's in the kingdom." -- Sales Engineer at a Saudi Arabia ISP.
  17. "I want to thank you for the excellent page you set up ..., offering practical information about ISPs in the Kingdom. I liked the idea of public service, such services are badly needed in Internet Provisioning area." -- German Internet Consultant doing work for some Saudi ISPs.
  18. "I would like to thank you for the information that (you) have hosted regarding the Saudi ISP's. It helped me a lot. Just keep it up" -- Sales Manager for an Emirates technology company.