Symbolic Novels: Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift

In Gulliver's Travels, the satirist Jonathan Swift provides religious, political and philosophical critique on various aspects of British Society in his time.

War over cracking an egg!

For example, in the Voyage to Lilliput, the people of that fictional country are small, with small and petty concerns. He symbolically puts them as members of two political parties, the "High Heels" and "Low Heels" (satirical play on the Tories and the Whigs). The people of Lilliput fight the people of Blefuscu for the smallest of things, the right way to crack an egg, the Big End or the Small End! The Big Endians go to war against the Small Endians because of that disagreement.




the war over the correct way

the war over the correct way to crack an egg is a metaphor for religion. it shouldnt matter how the egg is cracked just like it shouldnt matter how you practice your religion, just as long as you do