Frugal Astrophotography Presentation for the Stargazing 101 Meeting

Astrophotography is usually an expensive hobby, and occasionally a very expensive one. But it does not have to be so.

I have been doing astrophotography using used equipment for around 11 months now, with a total of only 7 months experience (if you count the winter hiatus and another two month hiatus in autumn).

While a typical astrophotography setup would cost a minimum of C$2,500 (with the upper limit being as much as 10X that), I have been able to get acceptable results with a total cost of equipment (including a used DSLR camera) is less than C$1,000.

This is a presentation I gave on the topic to the Stargazing 101 Meeting, of the Kitchener-Waterloo RASC.

The presentation has a history of 'celestial photography', what a typical astrophotography setup looks like and cost, and how I do it, with examples of the images I took.

More more pictures, you can check my Astrophotography album on Flickr.

You can download the presentation (PDF format).