Medieval Islamic Astronomy And Its Influence On Renaissance Europe

On Friday 13th of April, 2018, I gave a presentation at the KW RASC on Medieval Islamic Astronomy and its influence on Renaissance Europe.

Topics include

  • Arab pre-Islamic Folk Astronomy, including Asterisms, and 'Anwaa'
  • Origins of Islamic Science, including astronomy.
  • Instruments used by Islamic astronomers, and how they improved them, including the astrolabe, quadrant, and others.
  • Observatories, and how they played a role in better observations.
  • Prominent Islamic Astronomers, and new things they discovered.
  • Doubts On Ptolmey's geocentric model.
  • The Copernican Connection.
  • How Arab measurement of the earth's circumference influenced Columbus discovery of the New World.
  • Sidereal clock still used today for timing of irrigation!
  • Arabic terms used today in math and astronomy.
  • The Decline, and why it happened.

Here is the presentation slides, and audio recording:

Hope you find it informative ...