Are Americans moving to Canada?

Now that George W. Bush has won another four years in the Whitehouse, some Americans who do not like this are planning to move outside the USA.Over the past several months. I have seen people searching Google for Americans moving to Canada, and ending up on this humor page on my site. However, it turns out that this is for real. The CBC reports that disenchanted Americans have flooded Canada's immigration web site. More coverage can be found at the BBC, US vote boosts interest in Canada where Reuters reports that Canada's Immigration web site on average gets 20,000 hits per day. It was visited 115,016 times on Wednesday. The figure dropped on Thursday, but was still higher than normal at 65,803.I wonder if this post on Slashdot about moving to Canada did start this or help increase the numbers. It is known as the "Slashdot Effect", and drive traffic to a site through the roof.Among the technical geek community of Slashdot, there has been some mention of moving to Canada if Bush wins. Some did make the move before that, and were sharing their experience of moving to Canada and elsewhere.At least some Americans have really taken the matter of moving to Canada seriously. One visitor to my site said that while he was looking for information on Mandrake Linux, he happened to stumble on my web site, and the Canadian humor section. He adds:

"Great stuff, especially as I meander my way through Canadian immigration process. Martin might not be anything to write home about and seem to race to the floor when he sees Bush, but I think you are much better off up there than down here."

Some satirical sites that cropped up lately, are MarryAnAmerican which has been visited by 14,000 visitors from Monday to Thursday Nov 4, 2004 (See CTV's article Website proposes marriage for Bush dodgers) and VirtualCanadian where those who are not ready to move can register to be virtual Canadians.See also how American army deserters are seeking political asylum in Canada.



Americans moving to Canada

I wonder just how many Americans are fed up with Bush and consider moving to Canada?

If Bush doesn't manipulate policies and stay in power after his Presidency, then you can expect one of his innocuous brothers like Jeb or Marvin, and God help us Neil, to take the reins.

Then there will be a flood of people crossing the border for Canada and maybe even Mexico. That's if the right wing wackos don't imprison defectors and ex-patriots.

Americans are finding out about the lies told them for a century

It is time for all red blooded americans to go and watch the 1.5 hr video called freedom to facsism. It tells how we have been swindled and lied to and stolen from and it is so bad. It is shocking how intimidation and threats of being jailed will make most of us just pay and pay and pay. google it and watch the video and lets all take our voices and put them together.

The truth will set you free

Americans moving to Canada

I am seriously looking at a move to Canada.

I used to live in Halifax NS when I was a kid and remembered how charming and absolutely "normal" it was and when I moved back to the USA(long before the Bush Dynasty)I started watching our freedoms erode and a very aggressive division between classes and the total disappearance of the middle class and for a long while I thought that the whole world was going to "Hell in an hand basket" and in the back of my mind I assumed that Canada must be in the same boat.

Then years later on a company trip back to Halifax the stinging reality that the same sinister crap had not happened there(at least not in the great measure it had in the USA) and that folks who lived there were still relatively sane, crime was much lower than even a US city of smaller size and that other than music and hairstyles not a lot had changed!

This little revelation deeply embedded the idea in my head that the USA as a whole has LOST IT'S DAMNED MIND!

Greedy business criminals slashing wages while raising prices choking the poor to death, blissfully unaware yuppies spending borrowed money on more crap because they forgot how to enjoy their families, unemployed aggressive malcontent Neanderthals roaming the streets doing great evil to anyone they can, hostile immigrants who hate Americans but love their money feeling perfectly justified in opportunistically scamming and stealing from anyone not of their own ethnicity, Humorless government functionaries who have access to your most private and personal information and looking for any way they can to take out their petty frustration on those whom they have power over.

America has become a paranoid, violent police state where the Government and Corporations prey upon and scam the citizens and they are terrified at those citizens waking up from their consumerism induced slumber and "taking out the trash" so they keep our heads planted in front of the propaganda box and make sure we get pumped full of Paxil so we don't flake out on them.

Canada seems quite a bit more sane than that and even if it's not it's not the hipowered juggernaut that the United Corporations of America is and if you just wanted to live your life and raise your kids in a relatively sane environment it would surely beat the USA.

if you hate America, you hate freedom

I hope all liberals move to Canada- they clearly hate America and freedom , and would be perfefctly at home with the communists north of the border. Good riddince!

Looking into it

Things are getting so bad here (in U.S.) - My husband and I already live close to Canada and have visited several times. We are looking into applying for permanent residency. They have a simplified appication process for skilled workers. U.S. is turning into a fascist state right under Americans' noses. Many people are too blind to see it. You try to talk to them about it and their eyes glaze over. Exactly the kind of sheeple the goverment loves!

Wait till next year

Well, with Obama, there is some hope that at least the continued damage that the Bush administrator inflicted on our neighbors down south would at least come to a halt or reverse course.

So, wait till mid next year to see how things goes.

We welcome you here all the same in either case.
Khalid Baheyeldin

Stupid rednecks

if you hate america you hate freedom.... you are too cowardly to even put you name on your statement. it is people like you that make people want to leave america. have you ever even visited canada? this is a great place to live. and i am proud to be canadian EH!