Conrad Black Asks For His Canadian Citizenship To Be Reinstated

Conrad Black, the Canadian born media mogul, has asked for his Canadian citizenship to be reinstated.

Black renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2001 after a spat with Prime Minister Jean Chretien, resulting in a legal fight which Black lost. The source of the dispute is that Black was to be a peer at the British House of Lords, having the title Baron Black of Crossharbour.

Newspaper articles at the time were not sympathetic to Black at all, saying that Canada is not the one to lose in this, and basically it was "good riddence".

Now the times, and Black's fortunes, have changed, facing serious charges in the USA relating to financial irregularities at Hollinger International, a media umbrella company he ran. Now, he shamelessly asks for the Canadian citizenship back, giving the impression of being an opportunist.

Black is married to Barbara Amiel, a known conservative columnist, with strong right wing neo-con tendencies, for example in the Canadian Maclean's magazine.