Vibrant fall colors in Autumn 2004

Although autumn is a harbinger for the long cold winter here in Ontario, Canada, it also has the fall colors, which vary from year to year.

The fall colors change from year to year. Some years are vibrant and vivid. Other years are more subdued and not as colorful.

Autumn of 2003 was one of the less colorful ones. The leaves were dull yellow or brown, with very little other colors.

This year, 2004, autumn is really nice, with vibrant reds, orange and gold colors everywhere. The cause may be the cool wet summer we had this year, as I explained in a separate article.

Regardless, the show is coming to an end starting this week. Last weekend was rainy and windy, and the wind continued early this week. This took off the leaves from many trees.

I wanted to take some pictures of the great colors this autumn had to offer during this last weekend, but the wet weather did not cooperate. What a shame! I ended up taking a few pictures form the car while going to work, in an overcast, grey day.

Here are some pictures of fall colors for 2004.

A maple tree in vibrant red color.
Yellow maple tree.
A mix of hues of yellow and red on a maple tree gives nice colors.
Golden yellow colors.
Golds and reds in a small grove.
Leaves fall on the ground.
Then the vacuum car comes and sucks them from the sidewalk.
A chinese maple tree gives excellent red colors in the fall.
Oak is brown in the fall, and its leaves do not fall. They stay on the tree for winter.
A chinese maple.
Closeup of the chinese maple leaves.
Golden yellows of birch.
Golden maple.
Yellow and russet colors.