Canadian Winter: Snow ball fights, snow boarding, sleds, skating and ice hockey

Although the common stereotype of Canadian winters is that they are really cold, and really snowy, there is a lot of variation within one winter. A week or two can make a lot of a difference. This article demonstrates how winter, just two weeks apart, can be so different. It also shows that many aspects of winter can be fun too.

January 23, 2005

This was a really cold day after considerable snow fall. Temperature was -14C. The city snow plows were late, and hence a lot of streets, sidewalks , and paths were still snow covered.

This is the path/trail leading to the neighbourhood park. As you can see, it was not cleared of snow yet.
This was Salma's first day on a sled, and only the second day playing in the snow.
We could not find her mittens, so these had to make do. She is standing at the top of the hill, ready for our sliding down.
Many parents and children were on the solid frozen ice rink playing hockey.

February 6, 2005

This was a relatively mild day, with temperature +5C. The snow started to melt. The community association had a snow day, with hot chocolate and home made cookies.

Some kids were in half sleeve T-shirts. These two were trying to snowboard down the hill, but the melting snow did not help much.
Parents had snow ball fights with their kids, while the dog watched.
Parents seemed to be losing the fight to the kids.
The ice rink has partially melted, and people playing hockey were in boots instead of skates.
Salma in the sled. You can see the path has been cleared. It was mild and there was no need for gloves or mittens.
This is me and Salma sliding down the hill. She seems to like it except when the snow flies and comes on her face. I use my boots to slow down the descent.
This is the end of the descent.
The older girls did not feel like enjoying the activities. They think they are 'too grown up' to do these things!

The most amazing moment came a few days later, when I was telling Salma "let us go" or something like that, meaning go upstairs. I put the laptop down, and folded down the recliner's leg rest. She ran out of the room, went to where her car seat is, grabbed the snow suit and touque, and brought them to me! She thought we were going out, and brought her outdoor clothings!




I couldn't agree more! One famous saying in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada is "Gold and Ski - the same day". May years, in March or early April, this saying is very true!