Movie: "Canadian Bacon"

Last night, the movie Canadian Bacon was on the relatively new cable TV channel (TOR1).This movie is by director Michael Moore, better known for Bowling For Columbine, Roger and Me, and later, Fahrenheit 9/11.Moore is also known for his vocal and severe opposition to President G. W. Bush foreign policy and the invasion of Iraq. His backlash against Bush during his Oscar award is well know (the one where he says the Dixie Chicks and the Pope are against Bush).Back to Canadian Bacon then. The movie may be taken as a low budget comedy, starring John Candy (a Canadian himself), and a cameo appearance by Dan Aykroyd (as the motorcycle cop). But, what it really is, is political and social satire, masked as a comedy.The movie is about a U.S. president who is war-averse, but has to create and enemy and wage ware against them in order to get his approval ratings up! That enemy happens to be "nice" Canadians.The movies is not the best out there, but is one of the few I've seen to discuss Canada U.S. stereotypes, cross border relations, manufacturing war, ...etc. It would be very suitable as a movie for 2001-2003 with all what has happened in the world since September 11, 2003.There are many cultural jokes in there, for example, how the (ignorant) Americans laugh the RCMP mountie when he tells that Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and not Toronto! Or when the Ontario policeman stops the truck with anti-Canada obscenities and asks the driver to spray paint the French translation of the obscenities, so as to be sensitive to the "wine drinkers", the Quebecois. Or when the when in the midst of a nuclear crisis, the French Canadian Prime Minister (Claude), asks the U.S. president how much French did he study, and the president answers "two years in high school, and 4 years in college". Or when the Americans blast the Canadian mountie for his accent saying "about", and tell him to "stop that 'eh?' business".