Oil painting signed "Routh" of trees bordering a river

Recently, I bought an oil painting that just looked good. Now I am curious about the artist, and where is the place in the picture actually is.

I bought this picture from someone who was leaving the city. I liked the colors and nature scenes appeal to me.

The painting represents a river bordered by trees. The colors are browns, beiges, and cyan.
Another view of the painting
This is the signature. It spells : "Routh", with no date.

I was able to locate two possible painters named Routh, one in England, and another, Curtis Routh, in Nebraska.

Since this painting ended up in Southern Ontario, it is unlikely that its source is England. The Nebraska source seemed more likely.

I sent a letter by post to the possible painter in Nebraska, but got no reply at all.

Later, I was able to locate Stan Routh, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is unlikely that he is the painter, since he does not seem to do oil paintings.

If you are able to identify who the painter is, or what river this represents, I would like to hear from you. Thanks in advance.



Routh painting

I grew up in Nebraska, and my dad knew an artist from nearby Chappell named Curtis Routh.

I will send my dad a copy of this to see if he feels it might be painted by this fellow.

I found his name listed on Ask Art: http://www.askart.com/AskART/artists/biography.aspx?artist=102942


Routh Painting

My name is Curtiss Routh and I am the grandson of the late Curtiss Routh from Chappell Nebraska. Without a doubt this is his work. His paintings have been signed cwrouth, or just Routh in my experience.

Unfortunately he passed away last year however his memories surround in the paintings like yours we will always posess.

There was an article on his work in the Omaha World Herald about four years ago.

Best regards,


Routh Painting

I, too, have a painting, with Routh as the signature. we have wondered for a long time who this was. It is a painting of creek outlined by rocks and trees ending up at a small cabin. I love this picture, having stated that this is where I want to retire one day. We inherited it along with some furniture.


I was given a painting by "Routh" but I do not know which Routh. The paintig is called "Roses in Vase' It is a white vase with one white flower and one yellow flower the background is two shades of green. It is acrgic and oil painting. 11 by 14 How can I find out more about the painting and its value. thanks Dee

I just came across what looks

I just came across what looks like an original of the painting in the pictures above. It was given to me after the owner of a house next to me passed. I really like it and would like to know more.