PHPOnTrax: Another PHP Ruby On Rails

PHPonTrax is another Model-View-Controller architecture using PHP.  It used to be called PHP on Rails,  attempting to be the Ruby On  Rails version for PHP.It uses Active Record for Object/Relational Mapping (ORM), much like Hibernate for Java.  



trax rocks !

its better than ruby on rails for now since our clients that we programmed rails apps for are screwed since we are trying to unload them. ruby support for our developers has been sparse. Ruby has beeen around like for 10 years--only since Rails has it become popular here, and Trax does the exact same thing for PHP. php on trax is easy to learn for php lovers. maybe we will all use rails someday, but trax is for sure the way to get there. i think trax needs to beef up their documentation, but the forums seem to suffice for my needs.

suicidal before php on trax

I was about to commit suicide because the coding life was so stressful, like working on oscommerce all day long, until the programmer's suicide hotline recommended that I give Php on Trax a shot.