Egypt History: Soliman Pasha el-Faransawi (Joseph Anthelme Sève) سليمان باشا الفرنساوي

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One interesting character in the history of Modern Egypt is Soliman Pasha el Faransawi سليمان باشا الفرنساوي (Solomon Pasha the French).

Born in Lyon, France, as Joseph François Anthelme Sève (b. 11 May 1788 - d. 12 March 1860), he later came to Egypt as a military expert, taking the position of the head of artillery in the army of Mohamed Ali Pasha, under the command of his son, Ibrahim Pasha. He converted to Islam, and took the name Soliman Pasha, with the description el-Faransawi added.

Several squares in Cairo and other cities were named after Soliman Pasha, and several statues of him exist, in Turkish dress, and military insignia.

His descendants still exist in Egypt, and among them were the ex-Queen Nazli, wife of King Fouad, and mother of King Farouk, the last king of Egypt.

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Soliman Pasha

Cannot find the family tree of Soliman Pasha El Faransawi!! I am one of his descendants.

El-faransawi family tree

Soliman pasha married Maria Elessi who gave birth to three children, Mohamed El-Mahdi Elfaransawi, aasma Elfaransawi and Nazli Elfaransawi
Nzli married Mohamed sherif Pasha, Queen Nazli's grand father.
Aasma El-Faransawi is the mother of Mohamed Talaat, who took his mother's last name, married his cousin Nazli, daughter of his uncle Mohamed El-Mahdi El-Faransawi and had number of children.
Mohamed El-Mahdi El Faransawi,had 9 children, 3 boys and 6 girls, one of the three boys is my grand father

Soliman Pasha

I have a large copper tray that was made for Soliman Pasha dated 1251(1835)with his name inscribed and the name of the person who made the tray was Zabel. It is beautiful and proudly displayed in my home in Florida, USA. I was in Cairo in 1982 and purchased the tray from an antique dealer in Khan el-Khalili.

I have two photos of the

I have two photos of the cavalry officer Morsy Elfaransawy, who is the grand son of soliman pacha elfaransawy. I am the grand son of this officer, you may send me an email adress to send you these two photos and more data about further descendants

Soliman Pasha Elfaransawi

To Mr. Diaa Eldin soliman Morsy Elfaransawi, What is the name of your father, and the the name of Morsy Elfaransawi"s father. I am setting the family tree, send me this information so I can place you in the tree and send it back to you

el faransawee family tree

i m making a research about soliman el faransawe palace in old cairo
i m looking for any old photo of it or its present in any background of a personal photograph
also i do have alot of stuff in buildin fmily tree , specialy for el mahade familly so if any can help or support me
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Relation with Soliman Pasha El Faransawy

Soliman Pasha El Faransawy is my grand grand father.

What is the connection with Mohamed Tawfik Fahmy who was maried to Nabaweya Ahmed Sadek El Gawahergy and their connection with Soliman Pasha El Faransawi?

Ahmed Salah RIFKY

Soliman Pasha family

Nazly Hanem built a mosque fulfilling the wish of her late husband Sherif Pasha. As she was 90 years at the time the people called it the "old woman" mosque. Al Agouza. It became the name of the whole district until to day.
The couple had one daughter Tewfika. She herself had two daughters: Nazly (mother of King Farouk) and Nawal. Nawal died at the age of 6. Her name was given to the palace of her father (now Sadat Military Academy) and also to the street. Nawal Street until this day

Soliman Pasha EL faransawi family tree

This is absolutly correct, nazly hanem, Soliman pash's daughteris one of three children he had, have you followed the three of the other two?