Desert Fossils

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For the unprepared traveller, the Egyptian Desert (like any desert) can be merciless, and even deadly. However, for the prepared explorer, it has a vast store of treasures waiting to be discovered. In this page, we focus on fossils.

Below are some pictures


The following pictures gives you an idea of what you can see in the desert in Egypt. They were taken by Minolta Dimage Digital camera. The scaled ruler in the photos shows both inches and centimeters. Click on any picture to see a larger image.

(Click here for a larger image) Prehistoric Flint Arrowhead. Found South-West of Alexandria. This confirms that a few millenia ago, the Egyptian Desert has seen more fertile times with animals and human settlements.

(Click here for a larger image) Portion of Petrified tree. There is a petrified forest South-West of Alexandria, Egypt.

(Click here for a larger image) Here is a larger piece of petrified wood.

(Click here for a larger image) This rock is from the Sinai peninsula, showing filigree like structure. Some think these are ancient plant fossils (ferns), but it seems these are structures within the rocks that at a later stage had some other impregnated liquids to fill the minute channel-like structures within the rocks.

(Click here for a larger image) Another piece of rock from the Sinai peninsula, similar to the above.

(Click here for a larger image) Another type of rock from the Western desert (South-West of Alexandria, Egypt). It is a translucent type of crystalline rocks, similar to quartz, but not as pure. This is not technically a fossil, but it is beautiful.

Other Items in the Egyptian Desert You can find other kinds of fossils in various parts of the Egyptian desert. These include:

  • Fossilized shark teeth (not very large 1.5 to 2 cm long)
  • Fossilized whales (I am not sure if they are mammalian whales or just sea dinosaurs)
  • Underground caves with stalacites.

Various oasis areas provide fascinating scenery and some archeological sites (Siwa, El Wahat, ...etc.)




Hello we recently took a trip to Bahariya and along the way on one of our rest stops I found a fossil. Can anyone tell me where I might could start looking to see what kind of fossil it is. I appreciate the help.

Thank you