Desert Hare Hunting

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There are lots of wild animals in the desert. One of them is the desert hare. It is occasionally hunted for sport and for its gamy meat. During the hunt outlined below, two adult hares were shot. Their meat is delicious: dark and gamy, and has a unique flavor, reminiscent of wild fowl.

The technique of the hunt is quite challenging for such a small quarry. It has to be done in complete darkness. The 4-wheel drives wander in the desert until a hare is spotted (via the headlights), then the chase begins. The hunter uses a regular shotgun to shoot the hares. Because of the sand dunes and the rough terrain, there is an element of danger and risk always looming.


These were taken by Minolta Dimage Digital camera. Click on any picture to see a larger image.

(Click here for a larger image) Prior to the actual hunt, the inhabitants of the desert show their usual Arabian hospitality: They throw in a party (Bedouin style!). The inhabitants of these areas are not 100% Nomads (Bedouins), and are mainly agriculturalists. However, they still retain many customs of Arabian/Nomadic society.

(Click here for a larger image) Like most desert parties, rice and meat must be served.

(Click here for a larger image) And a camp fire is also customary. You can see my uncle Ahmed Y. AbouYoussef, a veteran Egyptian hunter and fisherman in their midst (the one with the Jeans).

(Click here for a larger image) This is one of the hares that were caught alive. It was exchausted after a chase and picked up after it is fatigued. The desert locals call it: "Ghreinag" in local Arabic slang. It is a juvenile.

(Click here for a larger image) Another photo of the same cute bunny. I am sad to say that this guy (and another adult that was caught along with it) died in captivity. First, the young one passed away for an unknown reason. The adult didn't last long after it.

(Click here for a larger image) My brother (middle) with his Landrover.

(Click here for a larger image) The other Toyota Landcruiser in the safari, belonging to one of the semi-Bedouin hosts.



Can i go with them

I am working in Jeddah.
Can i jion these like desert hunting?

Is it prohibited in Saudi Arabia?

I have a keen desire to join them. Please tell me have any chance there.