Proud Parent Of Suhaila

Only on rare occasions do I write about my daughters. Today is one such rare case.Last time I wrote about Suhaila was several years ago. Ever since, she has progressed well in school. Yesterday she got a Recognition of Excellence in Junior Short Story for her high school. She attended a ceremony honoring all students from the Region of Waterloo.Today, we got a letter from school that she will be honoured to receive the Most Valuable Pupil (MVP) award for Spanish. The letter says :  

"A Most Valuable Pupil is a student who, by his or her presence in the classroom, enriches the learning environment for all the other students as well as for the teacher. The Most Valuable Pupil puts forth his/her very best effort, is well regarded by his/her classmates, and is a pleasure to teach."

Way to go Suhaila ...  Thank you, and keep it up ...



Proud Parent of Suhaila

your daughter is lucky to have a parents like you who brought her up very nicely. That is why she is performing well and honoring you and your family.