Scripture and Treasure: The Bible says Israel has Oil

John Brown from Texas is drilling for oil in northern Israel based on him receiving divine inspiration that there is oil  in Israel, and  that he has to drill for it to help Israel. He says that "God sent me for one purpose: to help Israel with oil".Brown and other born gain Christians believe that the Bible spells out exactly where the oil is. The often wacko right-wing WorldNetDaily has an article with a map of where the oil is based on what Brown says are the verses that pin point the location. The verses are also listed in that article.The whole premise seems to be on a book by evangelist Jim Spillman titled Breaking The Treasure Code. WorldNetDaily will happily sell you a copy of the book, which is linked to from their article above. 



Zion Oil

Get it right! Spillman got it from Biblical scripture! What is it now, 2/3rds+ of Biblical prophesies have been fulfilled? Wish I could see your face when they strike the oil!