Human encounters in Canada with bear, bison, cougar, and wolf

Here is a quick overview of notable encounters between humans and wildlife in Canada for 2006.


In July, A man canoeing in Northern Ontario killed a bear with a knife when it attacked his dog.


In August, a North West Territories community is suffering from bully bison.


Later in August, a boy was attacked by a cougar on Vancouver Island. The boy's father kicked the cougar and saved his son, who suffered only a deep wound in the scalp.


In September, a wolf attacked six people in a Northern Lake Superior park, injuring many of them. The wolf tested negative for rabies, but was found to be injured with a broken collar bone and tooth, which may explain the behavior.

Also in September, it was announced that an inquest will be called for a man that was mauled and killed by wolves in Saskatchewan in 2005. It is believed that this is the only known case of healthy wolves killing a human.